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Apple Orchard Parents


The Important Role You Play

Parents are vital to the success of the school and have many opportunities to be involved in their child's learning. Learn about some of the various ways parents participate at Apple Orchard School below.

Apple Orchard Parents Affinity Meeting


AO has begun to create monthly opportunities for White and BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) faculty to gather in affinity spaces. These dedicated times and groups create space for teachers to discuss their personal experiences with racial injustice, both in their personal and professional lives.  We are developing a plan to assemble White and BIPOC affinity spaces for parents in order to encourage exploration of their experience raising children both at AO and within their own communities. We hope these affinity groups will help our community focus on the specific roles we all can embrace with regard to raising a generation of anti-racist children. We also hope these spaces will promote feelings of safety, connection, and inclusivity within our AO community.  We actively encourage families to share their religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions with their child’s class. We strongly believe in creating opportunities for our students to ask questions about religious or cultural practices different from their own. Teachers embrace these opportunities as a means to launch conversation about various cultural experiences and values.

Apple Orchard Dads at Workshop


One informal workshop is offered each year. The focus is on the challenges and difficulties that concern families with young and older children. In these groups, parents discuss issues such as sibling rivalry, discipline, effects from divorce, loss, toilet training, local area schools, and a range of other topics.

Apple Orchard Parent Substitute


Parents are encouraged to sign up as parent substitutes. Parent substitutes may assist in the classrooms whenever a teacher has a planned absence or professional day.

Apple Orchard Mother Speaking

Family Sharing

Apple Orchard School welcomes speakers who are experts in areas such as parent education, childhood development, child psychology, and more. These educational events are a great resource for parents, teachers and alumni.


Class Evenings

Parents and staff plan and coordinate these evenings in October. At the Parent Class Evenings, parents learn more about what happens during their child's typical school day.



Parents are an important part of our two major fundraising events that support scholarships and teacher development. We welcome all parents to help with Scholarship Fair planning. For more information, please visit our Scholarship Fair page.

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