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Curriculum Philosophy

Creating an environment of trust and positive feelings toward learning within an active farm community is the primary focus of Apple Orchard School. This undertaking is best accomplished during the critical first three years of a child's school experience. We see preschoolers as capable, curious, creative, caring, and connected individuals striving to develop meaningful relationships that are the foundation for well-being and knowledge. We encourage children to build relationships with their families, teachers, peers, animals, and the farm around them, creating multiple avenues to enhance the development of learning. We are so lucky to have a farm for a classroom.

As children develop and master skills across all developmental areas, they will find many routes to success and will thrive by learning about themselves and others. By helping children interact successfully with peers in class, we seek to strengthen the children's self-image as confident and capable learners. The curriculum is designed to challenge children individually and to give them many opportunities to explore, experience, and discover at their own pace and developmental levels. Through child-initiated and teacher-directed learning experiences, children become better able to assess new situations and solve problems.

student painting
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