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Why I Was Happy When My Son Started Lying (And You Should Be Too)

When Pinocchio lied his nose grew and grew.

When the boy cried wolf eventually no one believed him.

Even our cherished folklore stories shame and scare children into telling the truth only when Pinocchio vowed to never lie again he was rewarded with becoming a real boy.

When the wolf does arrive the flock is eaten all at the fault of the boy.

These stories tell children if they lie things will go wrong, if they tell the truth they will be accepted with open arms.

Children have internalised that lying is bad.

Telling the truth is good.

It’s black and white, either or.

These well-loved fables and the mainstream parenting paradigm perpetuate this sense of shame for misleading others.

But what if learning to lie was a developmental milestone that meant our children were right on track?



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